Bear in the Big Blue House
Premiere September 18, 2002
Written by Doug Cordell
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Favorites

Ojo is in a hurry for Tutter to get home from Mouse School so that they can play their favorite game, Cave Explorers. Bear goes to pick Tutter up and finds out that Tutter has an assignment --- everyone at Mouse School is to give a show-and-tell of their favorite thing on Monday. Tutter considers it a big responsibility and is eager to get started, even though Bear notes that he has all weekend to work on it. Tutter gets so caught up in the project that he tells Ojo he doesn't have time to play cave explorers. Ojo becomes upset and feels that all Tutter ever talks about anymore is school. Meanwhile, Bear plans for a relaxing day at the Big Blue House, but is distracted by a leaky faucet.


  • My Favorite Stuff
  • The Best Thing (My Favorite Stuff reprise)


  • Watch Bear's reactions during Tutter's over-the-top song about his favorite stuff. At various points, he cleans out his ear and gives odd looks.

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