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Episode 4077

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Sesame Street
Plot Elmo feels he's treated unfairly by Rocco
Air date 2004
Season Season 35 (2004)
Sponsors U, 3
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout

Sesame Workshop description:

Elmo is excited to play with his friend Gabi, who is working in Hooper's Store while Alan is away on vacation. Elmo invites Zoe and Rocco to play with them, too.

As they are playing, Zoe and Elmo run into arguments over what games they should play, then what games they should play first, and even about who is first in line to play. While playing on the tire swing, Elmo and Zoe learn how to play fairly by taking turns or riding on the swing together. After playing on the tire swing, they all eat snacks together. Elmo and Zoe get upset again as they are eating cookies since Zoe gives Rocco the cookie that Elmo wants. Elmo is even more frustrated since he thinks that it is unfair for Zoe to give a cookie to a rock. Zoe is extremely upset because she thinks Elmo is being unfair to Rocco by saying that it is just a rock.

Gabi steps in and helps Zoe realize how Elmo has actually been very fair to Rocco all day. Elmo is also able to realize that he should be more understanding and nicer to Rocco since Rocco is Zoe's friend.

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