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Sesame Street
Plot Telly joins the Letter of the Month Club
Air date April 28, 2004
Season Season 35 (2004)
Sponsors R, 18
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout
Releases TV Episode Fun Pack: Volume 1
The Letter of the Month Club
ABCs with Elmo


Picture Segment Description
My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Larry King
Alan is busy putting frosting on a cake when he notices the viewer and welcomes them to Sesame Street. He says that it's Henrietta Honker’s birthday today and the party is going to be at Hooper's Store. Suddenly, Telly comes in, excited. He tells Alan about a special offer he saw last night on the Alphabet Channel for a free subscription to "The Letter of the Month" club, a club for people who love the alphabet. Since he signed up, he gets a different alphabet letter every month, until he has the complete set. Today he'll get his first letter and he can’t wait.
SCENE, cont'd
At that moment, a delivery man arrives, saying that he is looking for “1304 Sesame Street” and that he has a delivery for Telly Monster. As Telly excitedly claims that that is him, the delivery man introduces himself as Vinny and brings Telly his first letter, A. Telly comments on how shiny it is and Alan notices how light it is. Vinny explains that it is made out of aluminum, which also starts with the letter A.
SCENE, cont'd
After noticing how excited Telly is about getting his first letter, Vinny tells him that he has an extra B on the truck and that he can give it to him a month early. Telly accepts it and Vinny brings him the letter, B. The B has a button on it that activates a bell when pressed. Telly is so excited that he tells Alan that he can’t wait to get them all. Vinny comments that he can arrange for Telly to get all the letters at once and goes off to get them.
SCENE, cont'd

Big Bird arrives and says hi to Alan and Telly. He notices the two letters, A and B, and the cake for Henrietta’s birthday. He comments how there is a lot going on at Hooper’s Store. He asks Alan if he can still get something to eat for breakfast, and Alan says he can. However, Big Bird has a hard decision on what he should eat, so Alan gives him a menu to help him decide.


SCENE, cont'd
Vinny comes in with the letters, C, D, E, F, and G. He tells Telly that some of the letters are functional:
C has a sound clip of Cookie Monster’s voice saying "C is for Cookie."
D has a sound clip of a voice saying, “D…d…Dog” when the button is pressed.
E makes an elephant sound when the button is pressed.
F is covered in fur.
G has a sound clip of a sneeze and then a voice saying "Gesundheit."
SCENE, cont'd
Then Vinny brings in the letter H, which is huge and hairy. There is also a button that activates the sound of laughter when pressed. By now, Hooper’s Store is getting crowded, so Alan tries to tell Vinny to stop bringing in letters, but Vinny doesn’t listen and goes to get the next set of letters. On the other side, Big Bird is trying to decide between a birdseed muffin and a birdseed bagel.

SCENE, cont'd
Then Vinny brings in a hanging mobile with the letters I, J, K, L, M, and N. As Alan tries to get Vinny’s attention, Vinny’s cellphone goes off and Vinny has to go because a kid’s letter F is broken. Alan tells Telly that Hooper’s Store is crowded with letters and he has no room for Henrietta’s party. Telly is worried that Vinny will keep bringing in letters till there is no room. Alan tries to contact Vinny by dialing his number.


SCENE, cont'd
At the Letter of the Month Club office, Vinny picks up the phone and tells Alan to hold on. He brings the letters O, P, Q, R, and S on a spinning wheel and leaves before Alan can talk to him. Vinny goes back to the phone and tells the caller to hold on, then brings the letters T, U, and V. He goes back to the phone before Alan can reply, but goes back to the store after putting the caller on hold, not knowing it was Alan.
SCENE, cont'd
Just then, Telly hears some honking, which turns out to be Henrietta’s family. The father Honker honks his nose to talk to Alan about the store being crowded, and Alan tries to explain to him what’s going on. As the father Honker talks to Alan, he accidentally knocks over the table with the T, U, and V and the other table with C, D, E, F, and G. The sound clips on the letters go off. In the middle of the chaos, Big Bird decides to get a bagel, but then changes his mind.
SCENE, cont'd
As Alan is about to go insane, Vinny appears to give Telly the last letters: W, X, Y, and Z in picture frames on the wall. Alan tries again to get Vinny’s attention, but Telly stops Vinny before he leaves. He tells Vinny that although he loves the letters, he would like for Vinny to take them away so that Alan has room for Henrietta’s party.

SCENE, cont'd
Vinny agrees with Telly and in a flash, he takes all the letters from Hooper’s Store and fixes everything back to the way it was. Telly is sad that all the letters are gone, so Alan tries to cheer him up by singing the alphabet song. Halfway through the song, Vinny comes back and replies that since Telly was one of the 50 people to sign up, he gets a miniature version of the alphabet set. When Alan presses the button on the tiny G, it plays a higher-pitched version of its sound clip.

SCENE, cont'd
As Telly and Alan admire the tiny alphabet collection, they hear honking outside and go to investigate. It turns out that the Honkers are having the party outside Hooper’s Store and Big Bird is there to join them. Big Bird tells Alan that after all the decisions for what he wants for breakfast, he decides to have a piece of the birthday cake. As Alan cuts the cake, he invites Vinny to join the party and Telly talks to Vinny about the alphabet collection.
Animals and acrobats form letters in the Alphabet Circus.

The Letter of the Day: R
Cookie Monster raps about the letter R. When the rap ends, however, he eats the letter cookie!
(First: Episode 3995)

"Letter R Menu"
(EKA: Episode 3777)
The letter R is made out of rocks, painted, and found on the road.
(EKA: Episode 3742)
The Spanish Word of the Day: feliz
Maria, Luis, and Slimey are all "feliz" (happy). Oscar is also feliz, but doesn't want anyone to know.
(First: Episode 4042)
Cut from the Sprout version.
"Happy Happiness," against footage of kids playing at a beach.
(EKA: Episode 3320)

Journey to Ernie:
In a surprising departure from the norm, it's a "Journey to Big Bird", as Big Bird hides at the circus and Ernie seeks.
(First: Episode 4058)
Muppet & Kid Moments: Ernie presents Richie typing his name on the computer.
(First: Episode 3908)
Miles sings "ABC Hip Hop" with Herry Monster, Telly, Grover, Zoe, Elmo, Rosita, Cookie Monster, and two other monsters.
(First: Episode 4053)

Global Grover: Grover has surfed back from Hawaii. He narrates his film while footage of a hula party plays. Afterward, Grover remembers that his grass skirt is a rental!
(First: Episode 4054)

Global Thingy
In a movie parody of Braveheart, Global Thingy stops a fight between two groups of Thingies.
(First: Episode 4056)
The Number of The Day: 18
A jumping number 18 arrives as the Number of the Day.
(First: Episode 3993)
18 pigs form various acrobatic pyramids.
(EKA: Episode 4030)
Kid mural painting #18
(EKA: Episode 3696).
Elmo's World: Mail
(First: Episode 4031)

The Adventures of Trash Gordon
Chapter 648
Trash is chased by a smelly pepperoni and anchovy pizza (with extra garlic), until he boxes it and sends it off to New Jersey.
(EKA: Episode 4062)



Director: Edward May
Writer: John Weidman


  • Some of the letters Telly receives from the Letter of the Month club have sound chips with David Rudman's voice.

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