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Sesame Street
Plot Snuffy's Invisible, part 1
Air date April 21, 2004
Season Season 35
Sponsors M, 12
Releases Online Streaming


Picture Segment Description
My Favorite Sesame Street Moments
Norah Jones talks about Ernie and Bert's "Here fishy, fishy, fishy!" sketch.
At the Mail It Shop, Big Bird and Snuffy welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. Snuffy says that he is excited because he sent away for a magical ukulele and it has arrived today from Hawaii. Maria comes out of the shop with the package for Snuffy and helped open it. When Big Bird saw the ukulele, he thinks the ukulele is ordinary and not magical. Then Maria noticed a phone number on the back of the ukulele to activate the ukulele, but the ukulele did nothing after Maria called the phone number. Maria leaves Big Bird and Snuffy with the ukulele since she has to go back to work.

SCENE 1 cont'd
Snuffy is sad that the ukulele is not magic. Big Bird says that Snuffy can still play the ukulele and that music is magic. As Snuffy plays his new instrument, Snuffy suddenly disappeared. As Big Bird tries to find Snuffy, he felt Snuffy, but doesn’t see him. Big Bird finally realizes that Snuffy is invisible and the ukulele caused it.
SCENE 1 cont'd
Big Bird tells Snuffy to play the ukulele again. As Snuffy plays the ukulele, he becomes visible. Then Snuffy plays the ukulele again and becomes invisible again.
SCENE 1 cont'd
At that moment, Big Bird notices Gordon coming down the street and tells Snuffy to not say anything. As Gordon walks down the street, he felt something blocking the street, but he cannot see what it is. Big Bird tells Gordon to guess what it is. As Gordon wave his hands around, he felt something furry and felt a snuffle as he got closer to Big Bird. Gordon guess it was Snuffy and was very surprise to find out Snuffy is invisible by the magic ukulele.
SCENE 1 cont'd
Snuffy finds it fun to be invisible and decides to play the magic ukulele again. Then Snuffy grabs the ukulele with his snuffle and it look like the ukulele is floating in thin air. Maria noticed the ukulele floating and Big Bird explains that Snuffy is invisible by the magic ukulele.

SCENE 1 cont'd
As Snuffy was having fun waving the ukulele with his snuffle, the ukulele slipped from his snuffle and it broke on the ground. Big Bird is worried that Snuffy will stay invisible forever if the ukulele doesn’t work. Then Maria noticed a number on the ukulele to call if the ukulele breaks. Maria calls the number and Miss Vicki answers the phone of Tiny Tim’s Ukulele Repair. Maria explains to Miss Vicki of the broken ukulele situation and Miss Vicki says to send the broken ukulele and it will be fix by tomorrow. As Maria goes to send the broken ukulele, Big Bird and the invisible Snuffy went off to play a game of tag. Big Bird finds it difficult to catch Snuffy and hopes it would be easy tomorrow when the ukulele is fix.
"Count Me In"
(EKA: Episode 3777)

The Letter of the Day: M
Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster present the letter M. "Mmm" is the sound Cookie Monster makes when eating a cookie, thereby encouraging him to eat the letter as well.

The letter M in various typefaces.
(EKA: Episode 2934)
Muppets / Celebrity
Maya Angelou tries to play a clapping game and rap about "M" with Elmo, who interrupts with questions.
(EKA: Episode 3832)
M in space (with astronauts)
(EKA: Episode 3696)
The Spanish Word of the Day: "Manzana"

Slimey eats an apple while Rosita introduces the word.

Apple: a riddle
(EKA: Episode 3125)

Journey To Ernie: Beanstalk
Big Bird searches for Ernie by climbing up a beanstalk.
(EKA: Episode 4059)
Ernie and Bert: Alone in the park with no one to play with, Ernie sings "Somebody Come and Play."
(EKA: Episode 3822)
Global Grover:
Grover goes to Israel and meets some of the kids at a kibbutz. The children at the kibbutz make a play house together.
Global Thingy
Diva Thingy wants to be in her nest but can't fly high enough; the other thingies make a ladder to get her up there.
The Number of the Day: 12
A tap-dancing 12 shows up.
(First: Episode 4001)
Milo Counting: 12
(EKA: Episode 3772)
"Counting Stars by 3's"
Gabi and Rosita sing "Tu Me Gustas"
Elmo's World: Sky
(First: Episode 3982)
The Adventures of Trash Gordon
Chapter 648
On the Planet Chicken, Trash handles a mob of angry chickens by playing "Clucky Clucky Chicken" on a tape player.
At Big Bird's nest, Snuffy is sleeping over and has a blanket wrapped around him. Big Bird can’t wait till tomorrow when the ukulele is fixed and Snuffy will not be invisible anymore.

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