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Sesame Street
Plot Zoe's New Tutu Gets Stuck in the Tree
Air date May 2, 2003
Season Season 34 (2003)
Sponsors A, 3

Zoe gets a new rainbow tutu that is blown away as Telly helps her put it on; the tutu ends up in the tree in front of 123 Sesame Street, but Zoe and Telly are unable to reach it, so they try different ways to get it down, including acting likes trees so they can ask the tree to give back the tutu. When that doesn't work, Alan offers to help, but Telly comes up with another idea to get help from a superhero: enter Super Grover who flies down to rescue the tutu, only to find himself stuck in the tree as well. Alan offers to get a ladder to get the two down, until Big Bird enters the scene and Telly has the idea for Big Bird to reach the tutu, which he does with his beak, thus reuniting Zoe with her new rainbow tutu. Big Bird then tries to help Super Grover, but he refuses help, insisting that his super mind can help himself, but eventually gives in and agrees to let Alan get his ladder to help him down.


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