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Sesame Street
Plot Telly is afraid he'll hurt Baby Bear
Air date May 1, 2003
Season Season 34 (2003)
Sponsors D, 4

Telly and Baby Bear have a playdate, but as they play ball, Telly accidentally hits Baby Bear in the snout; Gina says Baby Bear will be okay, but when the two try to continue their playdate, Telly fears he'll somehow hurt Baby Bear again, so he tries to come up with plans to prevent that until he decides that he'll stand on one end of the street, while Baby Bear stands on the other, that way Telly will be so far away he can't possibly hurt Baby Bear. This plan saddens Baby Bear, as he reveals to his friend that he wants to have a playdate "at least within the same zipcode", but Telly is still too afraid he'll hurt Baby Bear again, but Gina explains that what Telly did was an accident and that sometimes accidents will happen.


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