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Episode 402: Water Babies

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Muppet Babies
Air Date September 26, 1987
Written by Barbara Beck
Stephen Robertson
402 Water Babies

After playing "mine tunnel," the babies get a new aquarium and imagine going underwater to meet the fish. Baby Gonzo pretends that he's a famous French deep sea diver, and Baby Skeeter gets the urge to explore around.



This episode features a scene in the beginning where the gang is imagining going through a mine looking for a lost treasure rumored to be guarded by a monster, and when Skeeter and Animal split up from the rest of the gang, Gonzo imagines a live-action train coming toward him. Gonzo runs away, and mistakens Kermit for another train coming the opposite direction (in a gag similar to Scooby-Doo). The gang separates and they try to find each other, and then Animal causes a wall to collapse, and they all wind up in a pit and are terrified when the "monster" appears (which is really Nanny).

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