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Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird's pen pal
Air date April 1, 2002
Season Season 33 (2002)
Sponsors N, 7
Releases You Can Ask
This episode is available for viewing, uncut,
at the Paley Center for Media.

Big Bird's pen-pal, Gulliver the seagull, comes to visit. Gulliver is initially uncomfortable and somewhat frightened to find that Sesame Street includes people, monsters, and other beings, since he's used to only playing with other birds. He refuses to play with Snuffy, until Big Bird explains that friends can be different. Gulliver warms up to the concept, after a riveting round of saying the alphabet, but is still afraid to meet Big Bird's other friends. The cast sings "How Do You Do?" to encourage him, and Gulliver finally understands the value of multiculturalism.


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