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Episode 4011

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Sesame Street
Plot Baby Bear and Telly ride the Zoemobile
Air date March 18, 2002
Season Season 33 (2002)
Sponsors G, 11

Zoe goes to Hooper's Store, and lets Baby Bear and Telly Monster play with her Zoemobile. While they play with it, the Zoemobile breaks. Telly goes into Hooper's store to keep Zoe there until Baby Bear can fix it, but Papa Bear tells Baby Bear that he should tell her the truth.

Segments (incomplete)

  • The Letter of the Day: Cookie Monster discovers there is no cookie from him ("That funny--propman here usually hand it to me") until a giant one lands into his paws. Trying to sustain himself, he eats the giant cookie. After eating the giant cookie, Cookie Monster grows larger and starts naming G words like "gassy".

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