Sesame Street
Plot Missing Baby Boot
Air date March 8, 2002
Season Season 33 (2002)
Sponsors N, 10

Big Bird shows Snuffy how to do the step-and-stomp dance, which causes Sesame Street to shake mightily. A shoe rolls into view, but it's too small to be one of Snuffy's. They determine it must be a baby's shoe. First, they ask Gina if it belongs to her niece Hannah. It's too small even for baby Hannah's foot. Gina suggests they make a list of all the babies on the street, then visit them. They bring the shoes to all the babies they can find but with no luck. They tell Alan about their problem at the same time that Zoe is trying to tell Alan that her baby doll Imelda is missing its shoe. Imelda has both shoes and everyone has a snack at Hooper's Store.


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