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Sesame Street
Plot Baby Natasha tries to stand for the first time.
Air date March 15, 2001
Season Season 32 (2001)
Sponsors U, 11

Humphrey is taking care of Baby Natasha, and he shows off Natasha's talents to Big Bird and Maria. Natasha bites the top off of a bagel, and Humphrey says that she's made the letter U. She holds up two breadsticks, and he says that she's making the number 11. Big Bird and Maria are skeptical. Then Natasha tries to stand up, which gets everybody very excited. Big Bird and Humphrey try to encourage her to stand, but Maria explains that babies stand in their own time. Big Bird brings over a baby that can stand in order to inspire Natasha, but she just falls asleep. Finally, when nobody's paying attention, Natasha stands for the first time.


  • Keb Mo sings "Everybody Be Yo'Self" with a group of Muppets.
  • A baby Honker hatches from an egg, and the assembled Honkers teach him to honk. (EKA: Episode 1706)
  • Telly introduces a film of kids (including Elmo and Prairie Dawn) talking about things they've don for the first time.
  • Cartoon: Noodles & Ned dance together. (EKA: Episode 3851)
  • Monster Clubhouse: Narf "drops by" from above. Mel gives a brief of last meeting and shares eating the minutes with the other monsters. Then they do the "Monster Pants Dance" with a dancing pants. After naptime, it is time for snack time which is crackers provided by a duck, who thought it was time for quack time. The Lavender Man comes in with a Banana Hat who is looking for the National Slip on a Banana Peel Club.
  • Elmo's World: Bicycles

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