Sesame Street
Plot Zoe pretends to be Suzie Kabloozie
Air date February 5, 2001
Season Season 32 (2001)
Sponsors F, 13

Zoe watches an animated Suzie Kabloozie segment, and decides that she'd like to pretend to be Suzie Kabloozie all day. She asks Telly to pretend to be Suzie's cat Feff, but Telly wants to play with his cars. She offers the role to Big Bird, but he's busy with the Birdketeers. Disappointed, Zoe sings "Somebody Come and Play". Miles comforts her, and tells her that sometimes other people don't want to play the same games that she does. But then Big Bird and Telly both show up, and offer to play with her. Now she has two Feffs!


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