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Sesame Street
Plot Maria spends the day looking after everyone's pets (repeat of 3791)
Air date January 31, 2001
Season Season 32 (2001)
Sponsors M, 12

Gabi is taking care of a pet bunny for her friend. When she goes to school, she asks Maria to rabbit-sit, and she sets the bunny up in the Fix-It Shop. Telly and Elmo realize that their pets shouldn't be home all alone, so they bring over Telly's hamster, Chuckie Sue, and Elmo's goldfish, Dorothy. Big Bird shows up, and brings Herry Monster's pet bird, Trilby. Maria is completely distracted, and can't fix any toasters. Telly notices that she hasn't fixed his family's toaster, so he decides that the pets should all stay at home.


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