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Sesame Street
Plot Snuffy gets a stain on his cloud costume.
Air date February 22, 2000
Season Season 31 (2000)
Sponsors L, 6
Syndication 123 Sesame Street, PBS Sprout


Picture Segment Description

Big Bird welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. Today, he tells us that the letter of the day is the letter L and the number of the day is the number 6. When he is finished, he sees Snuffy saying float, float, float backwards and then feels Big Bird. Big Bird asks what he is doing. Snuffy tells him that instead of being a snuffleupagus, he’s a floating cloud. He's pretending to be a cloud. He explains why he is a cloud: there is a play in Snufflegarden. His mother made it for him. Big Bird asks him a question that he has to ask his mom: can he play with his cloud costume? Snuffy takes the kids and Big Bird to Hooper's Store where his mom is buying some food. After the kids and Big Bird say please, Snuffy’s mother says yes but he has to promise to not get it dirty, not go near the trash, and not sit on the ground. There is a trashcan near by and Big Bird moves it as Snuffy floats away from it. Alan wonders how long Snuffy’s costume will stay clean.
Elephants appear in the clouds as Vivaldi music plays.
(EKA: Episode 3712)
Elmo hears from Dorothy that she wants to see the letter of the day.
Letter L Animals' Limerick
(EKA: Episode 3740)
Worms in Space
Slimey and his fellow worm astronauts make a capital "L" and a lowercase "l."
(EKA: Episode 3826)
Alphaboy: L
Alphaboy leaps into lots of lovely leaves and becomes lazy.
(EKA: Episode 3656)

Big Bird tells Snuffy that his costume is still clean, and another trash can is near him so Big Bird tells him and Snuffy floats away from it. Big Bird reminds the viewer that he’s going to Snufflegarden to put on a play and Snuffy adds that it’s a love song about a cloud. Snuffy sings the song as he imagines himself floating in the sky. Big Bird complements the song and his cloud costume is still clean! Snuffy tells them that dancing is hard and is about to sit on he ground but Big Bird and the kids remind him to not sit on the ground or else his costume will get dirty.
"Wash Your Hands Before You Eat"
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 2640)
Muppets / Celebrity
Patti LaBelle sings "Gospel Alphabet" with a chorus of Muppets.
(EKA: Episode 3879)

The kids and Big Bird are having a snack. Alan comes out and asks Snuffy why he’s not eating: because he will get dirty so Alan asks a kid to get a tablecloth (as a bib) and he enjoys eating. Alan is a genius. Snuffy slurps his pasta and lands on Alan twice.
Kevin Clash sings "The Pasta Song."
(First: Episode 3137)
Elmo learns that Dorothy wants to hear the song "Rubber Duckie."
Ernie and Bert: Ernie goads Bert into singing "Rubber Duckie," and just when Bert starts to have fun with it, Ernie has to leave.
"Pinball Number Count" #6
Artist: Jeff Hale
(EKA: Episode 2096)
Six children dance in a colorblock grid.
(EKA: Episode 3122)
Suzie Kabloozie: Judge #6

Snuffy’s costume is still clean, and the kids, Snuffy, and Big Bird play Ring Around the Rosie. He loves the part when they all fall down because its loud but Big Bird tells him that it very is. Everybody falls down, that is, except Snuffy who has to keep is costume clean. Big Bird says that instead of falling down, we fall up. Snuffy tells him that he can’t fall up because you can’t full up, you have to fall down. Instead, they can jump up which they all do. Snuffy’s jump was a shake, that Maria’s coffee fell on her blue shirt. Luckily, Snuffy’s costume is still clean. Maria has an idea, sitting down making cloud costumes for everyone.
A boy chases a butterfly, and watches the clouds form into different objects.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(EKA: Episode 2969)
A boy recites his poem, "Rabbits, Trees and Water."
(EKA: Episode 3853)
Muppet & Kid Moments: Grover watches Matthew type the letter L on a computer.
"L, You Ring My Bell"
(EKA: Episode 3841)
Maria has a new shirt and everybody is finished making their four costumes making five cloud costumes sin total (including Snuffy). Big Bird says six because Maria has one (Big Bird made it). Snuffy teaches Maria the song but first he says the scale twice.
Kenya and Cherie are friends, even when they disagree about how they do their hair.
(EKA: Episode 3834)
Rap #6
(EKA: Episode 2580)
The Queen of Six explores her garden.
(EKA: Episode 0234)
Everyone sings the cloud song and Big Bird invites Alan and his ice tea, which lands on Snuffy’s costume.
A girl tries to play catch with her lazy cat, and accidentally breaks the window. She considers blaming the cat, but realizes it's her responsibility to confess.
Artist: ArtistMike
(EKA: Episode 3694)
Elmo says Dorothy will tell us when it's time to count.
Ball-dribbling characters count the feet on a wall ruler.
Artist: Bill Davis
(EKA: Episode 3325)
Everyone gets something to clean it of but apparently it doesn’t help. His mother comes and everybody tells the truth about what happened. Snuffy’s mother tells them that you tried and it’s a small spot. 99% clean she says.
Elmo's World: Babies
(First: Episode 3854)
They come back from Snufflegarden and the cast says the sponsors L, and 6!

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