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Sesame Street
Plot Luis teaches Elmo and Telly that flowers are alive.
Air date January 25, 2000
Season Season 31 (2000)
Sponsors O, 10
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout

Elmo and Telly are in the courtyard admiring some potted flowers. They ask Luis if he would like to come pick some of them, but Luis says they shouldn't, as the sign instructs them not to do so. He notes that they enjoy smelling the flowers, and points out that if everyone picked them, there wouldn't be any left for other people to enjoy.

Observing that the dirt the flowers are planted in is very dry, Luis becomes concerned that they could die. Telly and Elmo are surprised to learn that the flowers are alive, and learn that they need water, just like animals and people do.

Luis brings back a watering can, and Big Bird arrives. Together, they sing "Don't Waste Water" as they water the flowers.



  • This episode aired during the week between Earth Day and Arbor Day in 2008 on PBS Kids Sprout. Described by the broadcast guide as an "Arbor Day Special", the episode was trimmed down to 30 minutes.

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