Sesame Street
Plot Stinky pretends to be a baby
Air date April 22, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors B, 5
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 After finishing singing "the Sunny Day song", Rosita and Stinky the Stinkweed introduce the viewer and present the sponsors. Rosita also reveals she's going to play with somebody today, but she has no idea who there is to play with, when Luis introduces them to his cousin Eduardo and his daughter Carmencita, who seems to like Rosita. She thinks she can play with Carmencita, but Luis explains that due to her young age, she can't play or do fun things like Rosita can.
SCENE 1 cont'd Stinky states there's not much he can do to help since he's a plant, which strikes Rosita with an idea. She thinks she could play with Stinky, but, because he's a plant, he can't do any of the activities Rosita names. He claims he's "just like that cute little baby, Carmen," which immediately gives Rosita the idea that the two of them can play baby. "How do you play baby?", Stinky asks.
SCENE 2 Stinky, now dressed in baby attire, confesses that he's never actually been a baby before, but Rosita says he doesn't have to do anything, as she'll be doing everything for him. She proceeds to give baby Stinky a kiss and say "I love you," as well as sing a song about how she'll care for him. Stinky thinks he'll like pretending to be a baby.
Cartoon Ranger Armbuckle talks about how plants travel -- by sowing their seeds.
Artist: ArtistMike
(EKA: Episode 2727)

SCENE 3 Rosita teaches Stinky to call her "Mommy" from now on, and starts to rock him back and forth, but he needs water. Unbeknownst to him, she gives him water from a bottle instead of a can, and gets patted in order to burp. This pleases Stinky, but Rosita tells him it's time for his walk. He learns he doesn't actually walk, but gets pushed in the carriage instead. Stinky shows gratitude for mommy Rosita as she takes him for a ride.
Cartoon A dog-shaped television
Animation inspired by Keith Haring
(EKA: Episode 3045)
SCENE 4 Big Bird, Baby Bear and Camilla hang by the stoop and begin to say the Alphabet, when Rosita and Stinky approach them, and are surprised to see Stinky acting like a baby. Stinky tells them he's pretending to be one and is enjoying it, and decides to join them in saying the Alphabet, but Rosita forbids him because he's still playing a baby. It doesn't bother Stinky, so he just listens as the others say the Alphabet. He wants to join them when they do it a second time, but mommy Rosita still won't let him.

SCENE 4 cont'd Stinky asks if they can do something else so he can partake, and Big Bird suggests counting to 40. Stinky wants to count along, but Rosita reminds him that babies can't count yet, even when Stinky convinces her that he's a smart baby. Afterwards, Baby Bear suggests going to the park and watching the clouds, which is something a baby can do. Unfortunately for Stinky, Rosita tells him it's nap time, and proceeds to rock him back and forth to make him fall asleep, which makes Stinky realize maybe it's not so fun being a baby.
Film Farmer McFay counts 40 fruits from the season's bumper crop.
(EKA: Episode 3258)

SCENE 5 Rosita continues rocking baby Stinky, who feels more nauseous than sleepy. Upon returning, Baby Bear and Camilla ask Stinky if he'd like to sing the Sunny Day song. Stinky gleefully agrees, since it's his favorite, but Rosita disallows him because it's his nap time, and forces the others to leave so he can sleep. She also explains to Stinky he shouldn't be talking either, which makes him reach his breaking point and start crying (to Rosita's pleasure). She realizes he's crying naturally because he can't do anything he likes, and apologizes. They stop pretending and decide to sing the Sunny Day song together again, while Big Bird announces the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming soon on Sesame Street: Oscar sings to Irvine about how "Grouches Love Trash."

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