Sesame Street
Plot Maria's childhood story (repeat of 3274)
Air date April 10, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors F, I, 12
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Maria sees how Elmo, Tarah and Big Bird all use the arbor space to do different things. "We love playing by ourselves, together," Big Bird notes.
SCENE 2 Big Bird and "Super Teddy Bear" see Maria opening a package from her mother in Puerto Rico. Aside from a letter, it includes a special surprise - a book Maria wrote when she was seven years old, "The Princess and the Monster." Big Bird calls the others over so she can read it to them.

SCENE 3 Maria starts here story, where the Princess Maria and her pet chicken dance far from the castle walls. By nightfall, they try to return home, but a monster with a big hat blocks their path and won't let them pass, forcing them to compliment his hat for eternity. Just as she reaches the conclusion, she finds the last page is missing. The missing page isn't in the envelope and she can't remember how it ended. Tarah proposes she call her mother in Puerto Rico, thinking it may still be there.
SCENE 4 Maria phones her mother, who claims she can't find it anywhere. The young ones all decide to come up with their own endings and let Maria pick her favorite.
SCENE 5 They all return with their endings. Big Bird recites his first...
SCENE 5 cont'd Princess Maria (played by Gabi) and her chicken are trapped by the monster. Suddenly, Super Teddy Bear (aided by Big Bird) flies in and blows the monster's hat away with his super breath.
SCENE 5 cont'd In Elmo's ending, the monster is told to move out of the way for a passing train (Elmo).
SCENE 5 cont'd Finally, Princess Tarah spins her wheelchair around so fast, that the monster gets dizzy and faints.
SCENE 5 cont'd Maria likes all the endings, when suddenly the phone rings. Maria's mother is calling to report she found the missing page, and she'll be sending it via fax.

SCENE 6 The final page comes through the fax machine. In the ending, the monster is so entranced by Princess Maria's dancing that he joins them. While he's distracted, Maria and the chicken head home. Everyone likes the ending, but they each prefer their own versions. Gabi comes home and wants to hear the story. Elmo tells her once they finish, she can hear their versions as well. The monster announces the sponsors.

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