Sesame Street
Plot Telly and Zoe become Readers (repeat of 3364)
Air date April 9, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors U, X, 9
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Celina gives Zoe and Telly some cowboy and cowgirl accessories. She tells them they can use them to pretend to be cowpokes who love to read. The monsters don't understand, so Celina points them to the following...
Muppets "Readers of the Open Range"
(EKA: Episode 2274)
SCENE 1 cont'd Telly and Zoe sing the song from the segment, though Zoe immediately forgets who they're supposed to be. Celina points her toward another segment starring the Readers...
Muppets The Readers of the Open Range help the citizens of Bisbee, Arizona find out where they live.
(EKA: Episode 3364)
SCENE 1 cont'd Telly and Zoe look forward to being Readers, but realize they're too young to read many words. Celina has them read their names to prove there are some words they can read, meaning there must be others. The monsters ride off singing the "Readers" theme.
SCENE 2 The (Pretend) Readers gallop down the street until they reach Oscar's Newsstand. Oscar mistakenly helps them read his "NEWSSTAND" sign. They can't afford any newspapers or magazines to read, so they continue to read the sign over and over.
SCENE 3 The monsters are still reading the sign, when they're approached by the lead Reader himself - Verne! The rest of his posse is off doing other jobs, so he's looking for some replacements. He invites them become real Readers of the Open Range and join him on a "word round-up."

Film Ducks swim and fly.
Music: Chopin's Valse Op. 64, no. 2
(EKA: Episode 2614)
The Readers make their way through the paused film to read the word "DUCKS."
SCENE 4 The Readers return to the street, where they come across a boy having problems opening his juice. Verne shows them how reading can help by pointing out the text on the bottle, which reads, "Turn To Open."
SCENE 5 Telly and Zoe run into Celina and tell her all the fun they've had today. Celina become starstruck when Verne arrives and asks they readers to help read the sponsors. Verne hits the trail, making the monsters promise they'll keep reading.

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