Sesame Street
Plot Natasha tries to play with Slimey
Air date April 4, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors V, 16
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Humphrey, Ingrid, Natasha, Oscar and Slimey gather at the sandbox in the park. Natasha and Slimey will be having a playdate together, though Oscar isn't sure why his worm wants to play with a cute, little monster. Natasha finds her rattle and starts banging it, nearly smashing Slimey. Oscar protects his worm and Natasha's parents aren't successful in getting her to shake the rattle instead. Oscar wants to end the playdate now, but Humphrey and Ingrid begin thinking of something else they can play.
SCENE 2 Humphrey and Ingrid have come up with a safe activity - singing "The Alphabet Song." They claim Natasha is always nice and gentle when they sing it. Oscar allows Slimey to join and he crawls up on Natasha's arm. They all sing together and Slimey seems safe, until Natasha almost squishes him when applauding. Oscar calls her a "bully," which shocks her parents.
Film Kids sing the alphabet on an island.
(EKA: Episode 3154)

SCENE 3 Gordon and Miles come across the group, where the monster parents sob that their child has turned out so reckless. Oscar and Slimey ditch the scene, when Gordon explains that Natasha needs to be taught to play nicer. He teaches them the "Nice Nice" game he and Susan used with Miles, using their child's hand to gently stroke someone while saying "Nice nice." Gordon demonstrates on now older Miles (who is glad he doesn't remember that from his youth) and teaches it to Natasha.
SCENE 3 cont'd Natasha seems to get the idea, so they call Oscar back over. Natasha goes to pet Slimey, but does it much too hard. Gordon thinks she needs to practice on a worm, but Oscar doesn't think he'll find a worm foolhardy enough to go near the "worm bully." Gordon takes Miles to soccer practice, promising to return with an idea he's just had.

SCENE 4 Gordon dresses up his finger like Slimey, which Natasha thinks is real. He practices playing "Nice Nice" with her and the worm. Humphrey and Ingrid see her improving and call Oscar back to see. As Oscar watches, Natasha instead bites the worm costume from Gordon's finger. "Once a worm bully, always a worm bully," Oscar declares and leaves. Gordon recommends more practice.
SCENE 5 Natasha continues practicing until she seems ready to try "Nice Nice" on the real Slimey. The game has worked and Natasha is gentle with the worm. Gordon announces the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming Soon on Sesame Street: The cast exaggeratedly cries over a lost stick.

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