Sesame Street
Plot Gabi and the lost dog (part 2)
repeat of 3352
Air date March 4, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors F, R, 3
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Big Bird welcomes the viewer in the wee hours of the morning. He's trying to remember the name of the dog Luis found yesterday. He goes back in his mind, recalling the events of the previous episode.
SCENE 1 cont'd Big Bird eventually comes to the realization that the dog didn't have a name ("I guess you can't remember something you never knew in the first place."). He tries yelling to Gabi and her family to see if the dog's owner has called yet, but is silenced by his surrounding neighbors trying to sleep.

SCENE 2 Gabi and Big Bird play with the dog, as Big Bird reports no one has called yet. They think they should name the dog, but Maria votes against it; he already has a name his original owner gave him. Just then, Maria gets a call from an Anything Muppet man, who's heard of their flyers through the grapevine. He claims his pet is furry, cute and named Freddy, who doesn't come when called. The dog seems to fit that description, so he heads over.
SCENE 2 cont'd The man arrives and is disappointed to find a dog; he's really lost his pet frog. Freddy hops into the area, making the man very happy.
SCENE 3 A woman arrives to claim her pet, also upset to find the dog is not what she's looking for. She's actually looking for her pet duck and the poster she found doesn't include a picture, hence the confusion. Maria concludes she needs to make more posters.

SCENE 4 Another Muppet woman comes to the Fix-It Shop, thinking the posters were advertising her lost coat. He coat doesn't bark like a dog, so she keeps searching elsewhere. Gabi thinks that they can keep the dog now, but her parents assure her the dog's real owner is somewhere and is missing their dog very much. Luis leaves to hang more posters up.
SCENE 4 cont'd In Central Park, Arlana and her mother look for their missing dog, Trevor. They find his collar in the bushes and deduce that's why they haven't been notified of his whereabouts. They decide to put up posters of their own, not noticing Luis wandering by with his posters.
SCENE 4 cont'd At the playground, the two find one of Luis' posters and seek out the Fix-It Shop.
SCENE 5 Arlana and her mother pass by Big Bird's nest and ask him for directors to the Fix-It Shop. He realizes they're the dog owners and point them toward it. He soon has an emotional conflict over whether the situation makes him happy or sad.
SCENE 6 The family thanks the others for taking good care of their dog. Arlana states Gabi can come over and play with Trevor whenever she likes, or she can bring him to Gabi's place. Gabi still feels sad they can't keep the dog, but happily joins Arlana, Big Bird and Trevor for a game of fetch in the park.

SCENE 7 Everyone says goodbye to Trevor as he goes off with his family. The Fix-It Shop gets a call from a man, who found one of the ripped posters and heads over to reclaim his lost keys. Maria and Luis vow to take down all the posters, while Gabi and Big Bird take turns announcing the sponsors.

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