Sesame Street
Plot Mumford makes Barkley invisible
Air date February 19, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors Y, 12
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird and Maria come across Linda, unsuccessfully trying to feed Barkley. She tells them he won't eat, fetch or do anything lately. Barkley sneezes, so Linda figures he has a cold. She goes to call the vet and leaves him with Maria and Big Bird.
Cartoon "Big Sneeze" - a man destroys everything in his path when he sneezes.
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(EKA: Episode 2774)
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie turns on the radio to hear his favorite exercise show, Get Moving. He engages the viewer to do all the exercises he does, such as touching toes and jumping. Bert joins in, and has so much fun jumping that he doesn't notice that his favorite program, Pigeons in the News, is coming on.
(EKA: Episode 1025)
Song "Jump" (soul)
(First: Episode 3136)
Cartoon Christopher Clumsy demonstrates the things feet can do.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(EKA: Episode 0822)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moments: Jordan sings the alphabet for Grover.
(EKA: Episode 3563)
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie sings about the things she can imagine herself doing "In My Head."
(First: Episode 3526)

SCENE 2 The Amazing Mumford happens by and thinks he can improve Barkley's condition with his newest trick. Mumford tries again and again, but his spell won't work. He vows to not give up and eventually something happens - Barkley turns invisible! Mumford goes to the library to do some magical research, when Linda returns. She must take Barkley to the vet now, whether he's visible or not. Big Bird and Maria join her.
Film Ornate 12s sail through the air.
(First: Episode 3274)
Muppets Cookie Monster and Zoe demonstrate "inside" and "outside"; Cookie takes a cookie outside of the box, and puts it inside his mouth and tummy.
Animation Gayle the Mer-Monster shows Doug the Monster how to come in and out of the water.
SCENE 3 The gang arrives at the waiting room and Big Bird explains the situation to a nearby girl. To help calm Barkley down, they play his favorite game ("Three of These Things") using the other pets. The vet (Mark Linn-Baker) calls them in, slightly confused at who's flooding into his examination room.
Cartoon A poem about dogs of different sizes, feelings and colors.
Artist: Deanna Morse
(First: Episode 2924)
Film Footage of kids playing professions, alternating with footage of analogous real-life jobs.
(First: Episode 2811)
Cartoon What kind of print does a hand make? (new music added)
(EKA: Episode 1097)
SCENE 4 Big Bird explains to the vet what's happened and he attempts to give him a check-up despite his invisibility. He concludes Barkley is healthy, but he can't help make him visible. They all exit and the vet cowers when he hears a growl from his next patient.
Cartoon A boy can yell and yodel, and his dog can yelp and yowl. They can both yawn.
(EKA: Episode 2447)
Film Y for yell, yellow, yodel
(EKA: Episode 3522)
Cartoon A cat desperately tries to open a can of cat food by himself while his mistress is on the phone.
Artist: Dan Haskett
(EKA: Episode 2424)
SCENE 5 Linda leaves to try to call Mumford at the library; he shows up just as she is gone. He claims to have practiced his invisibility trick on a cat, but wasn't able to make it visible either. He goes to consult another book, and Barkley starts chasing the invisible cat around (dragging Maria with him). Linda is able to make him stop.
Film A boy signs the word cat, and morphs into one.
(EKA: Episode 3323)
Cartoon Everything you need to know about cats.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 0984)

SCENE 6 Mumford returns with a magic book containing a specific trick to fix everything. With a wave of his wand, Barkley (and the cat) turn visible, only Mumford is now invisible! He goes to find a book that will give him another solution, as Big Bird announces the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming Soon on Sesame Street: Baby Bear sings a "scrubby scrubby" song as he takes a bath.

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