Sesame Street
Plot Oscar looks for a nice book
Air date February 13, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors J, 8
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Telly and Gordon are surprised to see Oscar visiting the library and guess what type of Grouchy material he'll be taking out. To their surprise, he asks Linda for a nice book: Cutesy Wootsey Bunnies. Telly decides to investigate why Oscar would check out something like that.
Song "In the Library"
(EKA: Episode 3446)
SCENE 2 Oscar proceeds to read Cutsey Wootsey Bunnies with Telly, who doesn't understand why. The book counts 8 bunnies as they appear on each page. Oscar deems the book "not nice enough" and looks for another one.
SCENE 3 Oscar now reads Sweety Weety Teddy Bears, which is cuter than the last book, but not nice enough, Oscar deems. Telly worries he might have the Grouch Flu again, but Oscar insists he's fine. Telly decides to take matters into his own hands.
Film Puzzle pieces make a video of a bear.
(EKA: Episode 3085)
SCENE 4 Oscar has picked up a copy of Mr. Nicepants, when Telly rushes in with Dr. Kvetch. He gives Oscar an examination for any symptoms of Grouch Flu and concludes he's just fine. The doctor leaves, wishing to leave the nice books as soon as possible, and Oscar refuses to tell Telly why he's reading these books.
SCENE 5 Oscar reads Mr. Nicepants, all about a man's encounter with some sad ants, who both help each other out. Telly thinks this was the nicest book of all and Oscar finally confesses why he needs it: he plans to read it to his Grouch Reading Group. Telly is satisfied with the answer, but wonders why Oscar thinks other Grouches want to hear that book.
Song "I Put My Leg in My Pants"
(EKA: Episode 3427)
SCENE 6 Oscar finishes reading Mr. Nicepants to his Grouch friends, which makes them angry...just as Oscar intended! They want to hear it again and Telly runs off, unable to deal with the weird situation. He then announces the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming Soon on Sesame Street: Sir John Feelgood needs to find a big, shaggy dog to study.

Known missing segments

Picture Segment Description
Muppets A lady brings her J to Al's Alphabet Garage because it won't jump. Al asks if it can jog, jiggle, play jazz and determines that it needs a jump start. After he gets it working, the J smashes through the wall.
(First: Episode 2997)

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