Sesame Street
Plot Mary's little lamb quits (repeat of 3326)
Air date December 12, 1996
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors A, K, 4
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Big Bird excitedly tells the viewer that Mary and her little lamb will be visiting today!

SCENE 1 Mary arrives and reports that her lamb is sick today. Ruthie shows him the lamb's substitute - a clam. Mary then recites her rewritten rhyme for the occasion:
Mary had a little clam
whose shell was white as snow
and everywhere that Mary went
the clam put on a show!

The clam then begins clacking it shell like a castanet and they all dance to a flamenco tune.

SCENE 2 Mary's lamb, Lamby, appears, having gotten over his illness. He's offended to see he's already been replaced and storms off to find a new nursery rhyme.
SCENE 3 Big Bird looks for Lamby to make amends. He finds that Lamby has signed himself with Little Boy Blue, who performer their new, jazzy nursery rhyme. Boy Blue drops him, however, when he learns the lamb will follow him everywhere, crimping his private lifestyle. Lamby looks for another rhyme to participate in.
SCENE 4 Lamby is now working for Mary...Mary Quite Contrary, who uses him to replace her Pretty Maids. Their partnership ends when Lamby starts munching on her garden. He starts missing his old job and follows Big Bird to Mary.

SCENE 5 Mary and her lamb reunite and everyone recites her nursery rhyme. Ruthie makes an addition to include the clam, who starts up another flamenco tune. Everyone dances as Rosita recites the sponsors.

Known missing segments

Picture Segment Description
Insert Mr. Handford tries to see if Zoe knows about the letter K. When she finally learns about the letter K, she can't think of any words that start with it, Mr. Handford tells her to look at the next segment.
(First: Episode 3430)
Muppets The Martians investigate an A.
(First: Episode 3387)

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