Sesame Street
Plot Tarah and her wheelchair (repeat of 3319)
Air date December 11, 1996
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors G, O, 17
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Big Bird and Celina are heading to dance class and they run into Tarah, who's waiting for her racing chair. Her friend Ryan zooms by on his own and she hopes to race him when her chair arrives. She decides to continue waiting in the studio with Big Bird and Celina.
SCENE 1 Tarah gets upset with the step to the studio, since her chair can't go upstairs. Celina offers to carry her, but Tarah wants to get up on her own and wishes there were a ramp. Celina is inspired to call a ramp builder.

SCENE 2 The "Ramp Guy" (played by a live-action Brian Muehl) arrives and measures the step, then goes to his truck to get the materials. Tarah explains to Big Bird the times when she doesn't use her chair and when she's done, the ramp is finished!
SCENE 3 In the studio, Big Bird is amazed that Tarah can do aerobics from her chair. Celina leads the class in a "Workout in a Chair."

SCENE 4 Celina reads the story of "The Princess in the Low Tower." In the story, a prince wishes to take the wheelchair-bound princess out for a pizza, but she can't leave her tower because of her chair. The prince offers some suggestions, none of which suit the progressive princess. A humble carpenter happens by and offers to build a ramp for her. With the ramp in place, the three of them go get a pizza.

SCENE 5 Class has finishes and Tarah's racing chair has arrived! Her parents help her in it. Tarah assures Big Bird that the chair is safe for her, despite her condition. She races Ryan as a voice-over announces the sponsors.

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