Sesame Street
Plot Snuffleupagus-American Day Parade (repeat of 3295)
Air date December 9, 1996
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors B, U, 12
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Big Bird introduces today's sponsors and notices a Snuffleupagus go by and mistakes him for Snuffy. He sees some more exit the Subway and notices they all have grass skirts. He goes to look for Snuffy, wondering what's going on.

SCENE 1 Big Bird finds Snuffy, who explains today's the Snuffleupagus-American Day Parade. It's a special event for his species to show how proud they are to be Snuffleupagus-Americans. Big Bird notices Snuffy's also in a grass skirt and marching in place. Snuffy claims he's practicing, but his two back feet won't march with him. The two try reasoning with his feet, who instead stomp in protest.
SCENE 2 Big Bird assembles some kids to show Snuffy's back feet how to march, but the feet instead tap dance and tango.
SCENE 3 Big Bird tries his next idea - politeness. The feet still refuse to listen and sit themselves down instead. "Not even Mr. Rogers can march sitting down," Snuffy moans, thinking he'll have to miss out on marching in the parade. Big Bird and the kids cooperate to pry Snuffy's back end from the ground. The plan works for a brief time, as the back legs sit themselves down again.

SCENE 4 As the crowd begins to assemble, Snuffy tells Alice she'll have to represent the both of them in the parade and gives her a stirring speech about the importance of being a Snuffleupagus-American. Alice has issues walking proud as her brother dictates, so Carlo uses a song to show her how to walk proud. The song inspires Snuffy's back legs to show how proud they are and he's able to march!
SCENE 5 Big Bird, Lexine and the kids have their own grass skirts, wishing to join the parade, but realize they can't if they're not Snuffleupaguses. Snuffy shows them how they can pretend to be ones, but it becomes obvious it won't work. Snuffy comes up with another way they can participate - representing Friends of Snuffleupaguses.


SCENE 6 Before the parade begins, Luis and Maria note that they'll be able to identify Snuffy and Alice by the flowers on their heads. A few Snuffleupagues pass by, followed by Big Bird, Carlo and a few others as "Friends of Snuffleupaguses." Big Bird makes a short speech, then introduces Snuffy and Alice to do the "Snuffle Hula."
SCENE 6 cont'd Snuffy invites everyone to hula along and they join the dance. Carlo announces the sponsors.

Known missing segments

Picture Segment Description
Muppets The Martians discover a "U."
(First: Episode 3387)
Muppets Mr. Johnson wants something to read, so Flight Attendant Grover suggests reading the EXIT sign, the safety manual and the tag on the collar of his shirt. After he informs Mr. Johnson that the airplane is out of newspapers and magazines, he sets the fat blue man on his lap and tells him to read his lips as he recites a story.
Muppets / Celebrity Susan Sarandon visits the street to see Cookie Monster and to learn to eat cookies like him. She provides a large cookie for him to demonstrate on, but advises him to break it in half so they both can have it. After her lesson, Cookie eats the plate.
(EKA: Episode 3428)

Muppets Polly Darton sings "Save Your Energy for Me," a song about energy conservation.
(EKA: Episode 3134)
Muppets Ernie asks Bert "Do You Like Me?"
(EKA: Episode 1234)

Muppets "A New Way to Walk," performed by The Oinker Sisters as introduced by Old MacDonald
(EKA: Episode 2398)
Muppets The Beetles perform "Letter B."
(EKA: Episode 1845)

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