Sesame Street
Plot Stinky's disgusting flower
Air date December 4, 1996
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors Y, 12
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Telly, Celina and Gabi place Stinky the Stinkweed on a wall in the park, as per his request. He claims he needs to be far away from anyone, including the three of them, whom he orders to move farther and farther away. He clues them into why, using the letter Y: today, he'll be growing an annual yellow flower, that he thinks is yucky and "you won't like it." He adds this particular flower is very smelly. His friends insist on standing by him in this troubled time and move forward, despite his cries of protest.
Animation Pencil box Y / y
(First: Episode 3043)
SCENE 2 The trio assures Stinky they'll stand by him no matter what. They move in close as they sing about being "Near to You."
SCENE 2 cont'd Stinky is touched, when he feels his flower about to grow. It sprouts from his head and everyone is immediately repulsed by its smell. They leave, with Telly promising they'll be back.

SCENE 3 Stinky's smell causes the people and animals of the park to flee, when his friends return. They've placed clothespins over their noses, so they won't be able to smell. Stinky sees this as being a burden and decides to move somewhere far away and secluded, having already contacted the Smell Plant Removal Service. Their hazmat-dressed representative (Bill Irwin) arrives to take him away, but his friends insist on keeping him there and run off to prove how much they love it.
Cartoon A cartoon man (voiced by Bob Arbogast) is irritated to find that he has a succession of animal noses.
(EKA: Episode 0810)

SCENE 4 The people and animals have the park have clothespinned their noses as well, when the trio returns with a whole slew of Stinky's friends (including Maria, Luis, Bob, Carlo, Baby Bear, Zoe and Rosita). They perform a big musical number, assuring him "We Love You With Our Hearts" (not with their noses). Stinky feels he must leave, as everyone will want to be away from him once they have to remove their clothespins. They assure him that won't happen and formulate a new plan.
Cartoon AMOR, amor, amor ... amoramor ... amoramor
(EKA: Episode 0801)
Muppets Cookie Monster introduces the word "AMOR".
(EKA: Episode 0892)

Muppets A series of trailers for school-related dramas are shown on WCTW's "School in the Afternoon" block.
(EKA: Episode 2494)
SCENE 5 Stinky makes small talk with the Smelly Plant Removal man, when his friends return to execute their plan: on the count of 12, they all remove their clothespins and refuse to move away from Stinky, despite the smell. Stinky sees they truly love him and decides to stay on Sesame Street.

SCENE 5 cont'd Oscar then passes by and becomes attracted to the horrid aroma. The Smelly Plant Removal man simply plucks the flower from Stinky's head and gives it to Oscar, who plans on giving it to Grundgetta. Stinky is no longer smelly and everyone celebrates. Celina then announces the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming Soon on Sesame Street: Baby Bear discusses with Telly on inviting Goldilocks to his birthday party.


  • In Episode 3811, Stinky recalls the events that happened after this episode: after finding that grouches love smelly things, he authorized the use of his scent for "Bubble Blecch," a grouch shampoo.

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