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Sesame Street
Plot Stinky's disgusting flower
Air date December 4, 1996
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)

Stinky tells Celina, Gabi, and Telly to stay away because he is about to finally produce a very smelly flower. Celina, Gabi, and Telly sing "Next to You" to tell him how they feel, but run away when Stinky grows his flower. Because of his new scent, he must be removed to a better place where his smell can't bother anyone. When a man in a hazmat suit (Bill Irwin) arrives to take him, everyone on Sesame Street sings about how they love him "with their hearts, not with their noses." Instead of Stinky leaving, the flower is simply plucked off of him. Now Stinky can stay with his friends!


  • In Episode 3811, Stinky recalls the events that happened after this episode: after finding that grouches love smelly things, he authorized the use of his scent for "Bubble Blecch," a grouch shampoo.

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