Sesame Street
Plot Frazzle's first day at day care
Air date November 26, 1996
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors V, 3
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Gina tries to introduce the viewer to the newest member of daycare - Frazzle, who hides under his blanket. She tries coaxing him out, showing him all the wonderful things the daycare has to offer. However, he retreats once the rest of the kids arrive.
Cartoon A story/song about a duckling who wants to join the others playing at the water's edge.
(First: Episode 2852)
SCENE 2 Baby Bear proposes that they sing a song to Frazzle, hoping it'll calm him down and he'll uncover himself. It doesn't work, so they think of something else.
SCENE 3 The gang presents Frazzle with some gifts - a letter V and letter m (a sideways 3). When taped together, they form a heart. Frazzle is touched, but he still won't leave the safety of his blanket.
SCENE 4 Baby Bear recites a poem for Frazzle, which gives him the courage to face everyone. Gina removes his blanket and suddenly, Baby Bear freaks out and runs away.
Animation "Animal Books"
Artist: Steve Segal
(EKA: Episode 3396)
SCENE 5 Baby Bear, cowering under a blanket, admits he's now afraid of Frazzle, citing his fangs as one reason. Frazzle walks off crying and Gina goes to comfort him.
SCENE 6 Baby Bear finds out he's hurt Frazzle's feelings and apologizes. Since neither of them are afraid of each other anymore, they decide to be friends! Gina announces the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming Soon on Sesame Street: Lexine, Gabi and Miles do a front and back dance.

Known missing segments

Picture Segment Description
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moments: Grover and Katie think of rhymes.
(EKA: Episode 2090)
Muppets Cookie Monster and Herry Monster sing "Up and Down."
V in space
Cartoon V in space
(EKA: Episode 0560)
Muppets / Celebrity Little Richard sings "Rosita," a song about feelings, to Rosita.
(EKA: Episode 3225)
Muppets Seahorses 1, 2, 3
(First: Episode 2925)
Song "Explore With Me" (reggae)

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