Sesame Street
Plot Magical Hide-and-Seek
Air date May 1, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors T, 0
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Picture Segment Description


SCENE 1 At the park, Big Bird welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. A princess comes by, looking for her prince, thinking Big Bird is him at first. She gives him a kiss, thinking he'll turn back into her prince, but it doesn't happen. Just then, a crown-wearing chicken comes by. She kisses it, and it turns into the prince! Big Bird learns that they were playing a game of "Magical Hide-and-Seek," which involves hiding from each other by turning into different things, with the help of the royal magician. The prince and princess summon the royal magician, and ask him to make the game a little harder (finding a chicken was too easy). Big Bird asks to play, so the magician lets him (and the viewer). With a spell and a puff of smoke, the princess is gone, hiding somewhere on Sesame Street as ... something beginning with the letter T.

SCENE 2 Bob waits near a telephone booth for Gordon to join him in a tennis game. Big Bird and the prince come looking for something that begins with T, and notice that Bob has a tuna sandwich. Before he eats it, the prince tries kissing it, but nothing happens. The same thing happens with Bob's tennis racket. Bob decides to give Gordon a call when he sees the telephone booth (which he hasn't noticed before). Some kids come by with some toy boats, which the prince also tries to kiss, but again, nothing happens. He needs another clue, and decides to give the royal magician a call on the nearby telephone booth ...

SCENE 3 Bob is about to call Gordon, but then he lets the prince go ahead of him so the prince can call the royal magician. The magician picks up at the castle, and gives him another clue about what the princess is disguised as: not only does it begin with T, but it makes a ringing sound. They go off to look for it, without realizing it was under their noses ...
Big Bird and the prince encounter a turtle ringing a bell, and think it must be the princess - but again, nothing happens when he kisses it. The turtle explains that he is so slow that he needs a bell to indicate to his friends that he's coming. The prince needs another clue, so he decides to call the royal magician again.
SCENE 4 The prince calls the magician again for another clue on the princess's whereabouts. The third clue is: she is hiding as something that you use to find out things. Big Bird and the prince go over all the clues they were given, as the phone rings, and Bob informs the caller that they've dialed the wrong number for Charlie's Pizzeria. Bob then calls Gordon, and finds out they were actually supposed to play tennis tomorrow.

It suddenly dawns on Big Bird that the telephone is the object they were looking for. The prince kisses the receiver, and the phone booth turns back into the princess! They explain to a confused Bob what they were doing, as the magician announces the sponsors.

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