Sesame Street
Plot Baby Bear sleeps over at Gina’s, Part 2
Air date April 25, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors O, 15
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Gina greets the viewer, and wakes up Baby Bear to remind him that he spent the night at her place, and that his Mama Bear and Papa Bear are coming home from their business trip today! She reads another letter from them (in Papa Bear's voice), which makes Baby Bear enthusiastic to start the day.
SCENE 2 Baby Bear is so excited about his parents coming home, that he doesn't want to eat breakfast. The first thing he's going to do is run up to them, then hug and kiss them, but Gina tells him that he won't have the energy to do any of that if he doesn't eat his porridge ... which he then does.
SCENE 3 At the daycare center, Baby Bear describes to Zoe what it was like staying overnight at Gina's, and is so excited he can't contain himself. Gina suggests they all draw something, and Baby Bear decides to draw a picture to give to his parents when they come home. Gina shows them a picture of the letter O, which is the first thing they'll draw.

SCENE 4 Baby Bear has finished his drawing, and becomes impatient for his parents to return, then angry. Gina tells him it's okay to be angry, then whips out yet another letter from his parents, who let their son know they love him even when he's angry. Baby Bear feels a lot better after hearing that, and decides to keep the letter forever. Next, they're all going to draw the number 15.

SCENE 5 All the kids leave to be picked up by their parents, but Baby Bear's still haven't arrived yet ... until now! They greet each other with open arms. Baby Bear feels proud of what he's accomplished, and thanks Gina for helping him through it all.
SCENE 6 Gina finishes tidying up the daycare center, and finds another letter from Papa Bear, this time for her. She reads it in his voice, and the letter thanks her for taking care of their son, and mentions today's sponsors.

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