Sesame Street
Plot Linda's running record (repeat of 3248)
Air date April 17, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors J, R, 16
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Telly welcomes the viewer and says that today, Linda will try to break her record of running around the block non-stop 40 times. As she warms up, Telly and the kids warm up their hands for cheering and The Count, the official counter, practices counting. Linda is ready to go, so Telly and the kids cheer as she makes her away around the corner.
SCENE 1 cont'd The Count becomes impatient waiting for Linda to make her first lap, not realizing how long it would take. Telly points to the following segment to take his mind off counting...
SCENE 1 cont'd The Count enjoyed the segment, but still wishes he had something to count. Nathan suggests he count cheerleaders, a fine way to pass the time. When he finishes, Linda passes by, completing her first lap, which the Count counts. He then notices something else for him to count...
SCENE 2 Linda completes her tenth lap, when Telly notes that while she's getting plenty of exercise, he and the others aren't as active. The Count encourages them to dance along as he sings "The Transylvania Polka."
SCENE 3 Linda comes by on her 24th lap and gives everyone a sign, but Telly isn't sure what it means. He doesn't know how to sign asking its meaning either. The kids suggest he just write it down and they run off to get some materials.
SCENE 4 Linda comes by and reads their sign and acts out drinking to Telly, followed by pointing to the fire hydrant. Telly assumes she wants a drink from it, then realizes she wants some water. He and the kids rush off to get her (and the Count) some.

SCENE 5 Bob stops by and the Count informs him of Linda's mission. Telly notes that Linda may not break 40 laps, as she's been very tried the last few. Sure enough, Linda comes by, finishing her 40th lap and doesn't seem like she'll continue. Telly, Bob and the kids encourage her to keep trying and follow her cheering as she attempts another lap.

SCENE 6 The Count witnesses a taxi pulling up with the whole gang inside. Telly explains Linda got exhausted midway through and couldn't make it back, so Bob hailed them a taxi (being the only one who could afford cab fare). The Count notes that she made it 40-and-a-half laps, thereby beating her previous record! They're sure she can make it a full 41 tomorrow and cheer for her. The Count then announces the sponsors.

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