Sesame Street
Plot Cyranose falls in love with Roxanne (repeat of 3233)
Air date March 13, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors A, L, 18
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Roxanne, a new resident of the street, samples some perfume at Finders Keepers, which Ruthie claims all the fairy tale princesses use (and Prince Charming loves). Her large ears (which she's very sensitive about) wiggle, indicating she hears someone coming. Cyranose de Bergerac enters, following the lovely scent and is immediately attracted to Roxanne. She jokes he's not the Prince Charming she expected, especially by the way he sounds. Cyranose embarrassingly exits before Roxanne can tell him how much she likes his accent. She goes out to look for him.
SCENE 2 Cyranose runs into Elmo, whom he begs to teach him to speak without an accent so he'll have a better shot with Roxanne. Elmo helps him master saying "hello" without an accent, but Cyranose realizes it'll take two long to do the same with all the other known words. He gets an idea and drags Elmo off, just as Roxanne comes by looking for him.
SCENE 3 Cyranose's new plan is to lip-sync as Elmo invites Roxanne to the movies. They practice, all while ducking behind the wall as Roxanne runs past again and again in search of Cyranose.
SCENE 4 Having practiced enough, Cyrnaose has Elmo call Roxanne over to ask her out. However, she notices Elmo behind the wall and sees through the plan. Cyranose makes a break for it, taking Elmo with him before he can give away his plan.
SCENE 5 Roxanne tells Linda, Tarah and Jenny about her problems with Cyranose. They suggest that if she can't talk to him, she should write him a letter, which she starts doing.
SCENE 6 Cyranose hides behind a wall, when Telly and Rosita come by inviting him to go to the park with them. He realizes that they both speak in different accents and are friends, meaning the same can happen for him and Roxanne. He goes off to find her.
SCENE 7 Roxanne finishes her letter, when Cyranose appears, asking her on a date to the movies. Roxanne would much rather go somewhere and chat, as she finds his accent pleasing to her ears.
SCENE 8 Cyranose and Roxanne have finished a pleasant chat, then announce the sponsors before heading off to the movies.

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