Sesame Street
Plot The Amazing Mumford switches personas with a dog
repeat of 3157
Air date March 11, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors E, L, 15
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Big Bird introduces The Amazing Mumford, who will be performing a special trick with an energetic dog.

SCENE 1 Mumford’s trick will involve him changing personalities with the dog. With a wave of his wand, the dog enters Mumford’s body, and vice versa. He tries reversing the trick, but the dog in Mumford’s body runs off with the wand.
SCENE 2 The Mumford-dog runs to Luis and begins sniffing and licking him. Big Bird and Mumford arrive and explain what happened. Luis tries getting the wand back, but the dog snarls at him each time he tries. He finally retrieves it, but it is soon grabbed back by the dog, who runs off again.
SCENE 3 Their search continues by the playground. Barkley runs to them and want sot play with Mumford. Mumford doesn’t want to play, so Big Bird lures Barkley back to Linda’s apartment with the promise of dinner. Soon after he leaves, a cat mistakes him for a real dog and begins hissing at him and tries scratching him.
SCENE 4 Big Bird instructs Mumford to growl to make the cat leave, but his dog impression fails to scare the cat. Bigger growls scare the cat away, which come from Mumford’s dog counterpart. They observe the dog and see he doesn’t have the wand anymore.
SCENE 5 Big Bird realizes that that since dogs bury bones, the Mumford-dog must have buried it. He points to the tree, which is where the wand is buried. Mumford begins digging, coming across 10 bones until he finds the wand. He then takes a rest after all the digger he’s done.

SCENE 6 Mumford waves his wand and puts himself and the dog back in their respective bodies. However, the dog ends up still having the wand and runs off with it again, with Mumford in close pursuit. Luis announces the sponsors

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