Sesame Street
Plot Elmo and Rosita find a penny
Air date February 27, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors D, 6
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Elmo and Rosita play "Alphabet Hide-and-Seek," where Elmo recites the alphabet as Rosita finds somewhere to hide. She has trouble finding a good place and has Elmo recite it twice more, getting slower each time. He spots her behind a crate, where she comes across a penny. But, what will they do with it?
Cartoon What if I looked like George Washington...
(EKA: Episode 1428)
Film Fireworks Alphabet (pink frame added)
(EKA: Episode 1206)
SCENE 2 Rosita has an idea on how to use the penny - play the "Balance the Penny Game," where they see if they can balance the cent on one of their body parts.
Muppets / Celebrity Mary Chapin Carpenter and friends sing about how they're "Really, Really, Really Glad I'm Me."
Cartoon A baby climbs up the stairs all by himself.
SCENE 3 Rosita has another game to play - the "Hit the Penny Game." the kids place the penny on the sidewalk and try to hit it with a ball. Since Rosita has come up with two games already, Elmo tells her he'll think of the next one.
Cartoon "I Have a Purple Bucket"
Artist: Lisa Crafts
Song Drink of Water
(EKA: Episode 2826)
SCENE 4 Elmo finally thinks of something to do with the penny - count it (even though it's only one). He then tells Rosita to stifle her thinking as he comes up with another thing to do.
Film A visual representation of the nursery rhyme "Pat-a-Cake" with Wegman's dogs.
Muppets Telly is disappointed with Big Bird's brief lecture on triangles and gives his own passionate one. When Big Bird proceeds with his next shape, a square, Telly shows that it can be made into his favorite shape.
Animation Looking for shapes on the Aztec Calendar Stone (Maria voiceover)
(EKA: Episode 3049)
SCENE 5 Rosita and Elmo find their penny and tell Mr. Handford all the fun things they've done with it. He tells them something else they can use it for - buying some candy. They snack down and announce the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming Soon on Sesame Street: Colambo interrogates Rosita, who can only speak like a sheep.

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