Sesame Street
Plot Telly is "Yes Man!" (repeat of 3210)
Air date December 22, 1995
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors E, Z, 12
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Big Bird announces the sponsors as Telly bounces by on his pogo stick, repeating "Yes!" Big Bird explains to Savion that Telly is pretending that he's "Yes Man," a superhero who always says, "Yes!" Big Bird is also playing his assistant and the two go off to look for those in trouble (scored by a play on the Batman TV theme).
SCENE 1 Savion asks the two how they came up with such a silly game. Big Bird explains it was in a book Ruthie read them and he calls her over to read it. She begins reading them "The Adventures of Yes Man..."

SCENE 1 cont'd In the story, a king suffers several misfortunes from his servants, as the only answer he can give is "no." Suddenly, he's visited by a superhero, Yes Man, who teaches him how to say "yes" instead and keep his pesky servants at bay.
SCENE 1 cont'd Following the story, Savion questions Big Bird's role, as Yes Man didn't have an assistant in the book. Big Bird states he got the job just by asking (and Telly is unable to decline).
SCENE 2 Yes Man and his assistant asks Savion if he needs help. He declines, wondering how saying "Yes" all the time can help anyone. They then come across a little girl having trouble playing her recorder. By saying "Yes," they're able to instill some confidence in her and she is able to properly play her scales.
SCENE 3 Savion continues trying to do homework, when he's interrupted yet again by Yes Man, who will now say "Yes" 40 times. Savion requests that Telly give it a break for awhile. Telly has trouble answering because of her persona and leaves in a huff.
SCENE 4 Telly counts his "yes"s all by himself, when Ruthie and Big Bird arrive with a new story to tell him - "The Story of No Man."
SCENE 4 cont'd The story follows the same plot as before, only now the king suffers for saying "yes" to everything. No Man appears, encouraging him to say "no" now.
SCENE 4 cont'd Telly begins to learn a moral from the two stories: it's okay to say "yes" and "no" depending on the situation. He promises to say "yes" and "no" as necessary (and possibly throwing a "maybe" in the mix).

SCENE 5 Telly, sans "Yes Man" outfit, finds Savion in the park and apologizes for his behavior earlier. He reports he'll only say "yes" and "no" sometimes and adds he's loaned his costume and pogo stick to Ruthie, who enjoys pretending to be a superhero. Telly then announces the sponsors.

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