Sesame Street
Plot Elmo's mini-golf game
repeat of 3158
Air date December 21, 1995
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors T, Y, 10
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Elmo asks Big Bird if he can guess what game they're about to play. It involves a golf club, a beach ball, and a butterfly net. Elmo reveals that they're going to play miniature golf all over Sesame Street today.


SCENE 1 Elmo's beach ball lands on the crate where Betty Lou, Tarah and Eva are making up a story about a princess' tea party. Elmo declares it a successful "tea-off", and prepares to hit the ball towards Luis, who will throw it into the butterfly net as Big Bird holds it. However, Betty Lou insists on pretending that the ball is "Prince Ted," who, in their story, had a spell cast on him by a wicked witch to prevent him from marrying the princess (her dolly), and thus propose that Elmo can break the spell by hitting the ball through the net. Elmo does so, and everyone cheers, except for Betty Lou, who points out that Prince Ted is still a ball. They predict that the "spell" will be broken by the time the last hole is played, and so they go on with the game. Big Bird explains all this to a confused Luis.

SCENE 2 Elmo arrives at the next hole, where he will hit the ball so that it rolls between Mr. Handford's legs, into Hooper's through the front door, out the back door, and into the net. Elmo makes another successful shot, and they tell a confused Mr. Handford what's going on.
SCENE 3 The next hole is the "Grouch-in-the-can" hole, where Elmo will hit the ball into Oscar's can, after which his animals will kick the all around, then Oscar will throw the ball out of the can and into the net. Everything goes as Elmo predicted, and they head off to the next hole.

SCENE 4 The last hole in the game is the "playground hole." Elmo hits the ball to the top of the slide, where it rolls down and lands in the net. The girls pretend that the ball will now turn back into Prince Ted, who will marry the princess, but then Betty Lou decides that maybe the princess should finish nursery school before getting married. But what about Prince Ted? "He'll be sad at first, but he'll get over it and write a book about it," says Betty Lou.

Everyone heads off to Betty Lou's for a tea party, leaving the ball and the net behind. Once they're gone, the ball transforms into a bewildered, aching Prince Ted, who lies down for a rest. Luis announces the sponsors.

Known missing segments

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Muppets / Celebrity Zoe points out to Zap Mama and some kids that Chicago is sad because he's never been to the jungle. The group cheers him up by making jungle noises with their voices.
(EKA: Episode 3285)

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