Sesame Street
Plot Telly makes his own breakfast (repeat of 3209)
Air date December 20, 1995
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors A, Q, 4
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN An excited Telly tells the viewer that he's about to go into Hooper's Store, where Mr. Handford is going to make him breakfast.
SCENE 1 Telly waits impatiently for Mr. Handford to finish shelving items. Carlo comes in and lets Mr. Handford know that he's going to make his own breakfast. Telly watches in awe as Carlo makes a bowl of cereal all by himself! Mr. Handford suggests that Telly could make his own breakfast, but Telly is doubtful of that, imagining a disastrous scenario involving a wild animal stampede. Telly asks Carlo for help, and Mr. Handford decides to watch what happens.
SCENE 2 While watching Carlo make a bowl of cereal, Telly writes down everything Carlo does, including the interruptions that happen.
When Telly gets all the steps down and is about to practice getting his own breakfast, Hooper's Store becomes crowded when Savion's little league team shows up, meaning Telly will have to practice outside in the arbor.
Muppets "Cereal Girl"
(EKA: Episode 2687)
SCENE 3 Mr. Handford sets up a table for Telly in the arbor. Barkley continually interferes with Telly's practicing, hungry for cereal himself. Carlo pretends to play fetch, then hides the cereal box in his shirt, but it doesn't even take a bowl of cereal to drive Barkley away. Telly thinks up a plan for practicing without using any of the supplies, which intrigues Carlo.
SCENE 4 Telly is about to practice making breakfast again, this time using imaginary supplies. Elmo plays along with Telly's game, imagining other interferences such as dinosaurs hungry for cereal, and a vacuum cleaner. Elmo then lets Telly concentrate, and Telly finally makes an imaginary bowl of cereal all by himself! Will he be able to do it in reality, Elmo wonders?
SCENE 5 Elmo, Carlo, Mr. Handford, Maria, and Savion's little league team gather around to watch Telly make his own breakfast by himself. They cheer him on loudly every step he slowly makes.
SCENE 6 Telly is proud that he made his own breakfast today, but he would still like Mr. Handford to make him breakfast sometimes. Mr. Handford is glad to oblige, and offers Telly some lunch (since he already had breakfast). Elmo announces the sponsors.

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