Sesame Street
Plot Telly does something original
repeat of 3182
Air date December 18, 1995
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors H, N, 12
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Picture Segment Description
3182-cold open
COLD OPEN Kingston Livingston III teases that today, Telly will do something original, and explains what the word means.
SCENE 1 Kingston Livingston III announces Telly is going to do something original. He tries a hop, but Kingston and the kids agree that hopping isn't original. They give him demonstrates of original moves and Telly comes up with his original idea - a dance where he waves his arms and chants "Boom-shaka-laka-laka."
SCENE 2 Telly does his dance down past the Fix-It Shop, where Maria tells him they much more to show today, like the number of the day, and Telly's dance will seem repetitive in comparison. Telly incorporates counting to 12 in his dance, cueing a fanfare and confetti.

SCENE 3 Luis reads two kids the story of "The Kingdom of the Same Old Dance," by an unknown author. In the kingdom, the citizens only know one dance, until a stranger (Telly) comes to town, doing a "Boom-shaka-laka-laka" dance. He teaches them his dance and they all rejoice that they now have a new dance. As Luis wonders who wrote the story, Telly comes down the street, doing his dance. "Wonder no more," Luis remarks.
SCENE 4 Kingston finds Maria in the park, where she's eating some jalapeños. Kingston wants to try one, but Maria warns him they're very spicy. He counters, saying trying new foods is important. She hands him one, but advises him to take a small bite. He gobbles the whole thing and is sent into a spice-induced frenzy, until he lets loose a bunch of steam. He surprisingly enjoyed it and asks for another.

SCENE 5 Monty brings Big Bird into the Fix-It Shop to demonstrate the correct way to answer the telephone. When the phone rings, Monty answers with "watermelons and cheese" and "Elephants run wild in France." Maria takes the phone away, saying that is not how to answer the phone. It rings and she answers, "Hello?," which Monty states is the correct way. The caller turns out to be his mother, who answers with the same phrases as Monty.
SCENE 6 Kingston has a question for Maria - can she wave her arms and shake like he can? She says she can't and Kingston thanks her, then leaves. Once the coast is clear, Maria tries it and hurts herself, then resumes work.

SCENE 7 Kingston now wants to ask Luis a question. Maria tells Luis the answer is "No," assuming it's his same one as before, but Kingston has a new question - can Luis make the same scrunchy face as him? Luis can't, nor can he do Kingston's original dance. Maria announces the sponsors, when Telly passes by, doing his dance. "Now that we can do," they declare and follow Telly, doing his dance.

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