Sesame Street
Plot The Strange Squeaky Sound at the Furry Arms Hotel/ Gordon tutors Carlo
repeat of 3156
Air date December 14, 1995
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors D, G, 17
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 It's a busy day at the Furry Arms Hotel, and Benny Rabbit is frustrated over being asked to do things on his break. Sherry Netherland hears a strange squeaky noise and asks Humphrey, Ingrid, and Benny to find out where it is coming from. (YouTube)

SCENE 2 Benny spills a bucket of chicken fat on the floor, and then greases the revolving door. Several penguins slip on the chicken grease, while 17 sheep fly through the spinning revolving door. (YouTube)


SCENE 3 Benny puts chicken fat on the ceiling fan. An Elephant slips on the chicken fat that was spilled on the floor and flies up to the ceiling fan, getting stuck. Benny puts up a "danger" sign, which Humphrey and Ingrid try to read. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the squeaky sound came from Benny moving his teeth, and Sherry decides that the hotel will just have to live with the noise.
SCENE 4 Gordon explains to the audience that Carlo wants to go to a science school and is preparing for an entry exam. He promised Carlo that he would tutor him, and in exchange, Carlo will teach him Spanish. Gordon has many students who speak Spanish as well as or better than they speak English; he feels that he should study for them if they should study for him. Carlo sees that Gordon has a flute and tricks Gordon into thinking that Carlos can't play the flute.
SCENE 5 Gordon explains to Carlo that when a sound is made, it actually takes awhile for it to get into somebody's ear. Carlo surprises Gordon by knowing the speed of sound. Oscar the Grouch tells Gordon that what he was teaching Carlo was interesting, and tricks Gordon into leaving Sesame Street by conducting an experiment to move as far away as possible and make a sound travel to the street.
SCENE 6 Elmo and two kids announce the sponsors.

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