Sesame Street
Plot Telly and Baby Bear's friendship
repeat of 3148
Air date December 12, 1995
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors P, Y, 21
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Celina welcomes the viewer and tries to tease the sponsors, but Telly and Baby Bear interrupt; they want to announce them. They claim they like to do things together, since they like the same things. Telly uses triangles as an example, but finds Baby Bear doesn't love them the way he does. Baby Bear is equally distraught that Telly not only doesn't like porridge, but hasn't even tried. He brings him home to Mama Bear to try some.

SCENE 2 At the Three Bear's cottage, Baby Bear and Telly share a chair. Papa Bear lets Telly use his bowl and spoon, using his hat as a bowl instead. Telly tastes some porridge and finds he doesn't love it as much as Baby Bear, upsetting them both. Mama Bear points out that best friends don't need to like the same things, using herself and Papa Bear (and his hat) as an example. Papa Bear plops his hat back on, spilling the porridge on his head.
SCENE 3 Telly bounces on his pogo stick, while Baby Bear counts the bounces. Big Bird skates by wishing to join them, but Baby Bear doesn't want him to play and runs off in an angry huff.
SCENE 4 Telly tells Luis about what just happened. Baby Bear explains that he likes Big Bird, but if Telly plays with him, he make like Big Bird more than him. Telly reassures him that that won't stop them from being friends and the three all go off to play.
SCENE 5 Baby Bear tries bouncing on Telly's pogo stick, but finds he's not good at it. He worries Telly won't stay friends with someone who can't bounce as well, but Big Bird assures him practice will help.

SCENE 6 Baby Bear shows Luis and Maria the progress he's made on the pogo stick. While the grown ups announce the sponsors, Baby Bear borrows Telly's pogo stick to get back home.

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