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Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird gets the Memory Flu
Air date November 20, 1995 (season premiere)
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Sponsors J, 14

Elmo wants to play with Big Bird today, but Celina and Gordon tell him he can't, since Big Bird has the "Memory Flu," named such because his memory "flew." Everyone tries to get his memory back, especially Elmo, but their introductions to everyone fail to sink in. Elmo, Carlo, and The Birdketeers try to sing "The Alphabet Song" to him, but it doesn't help him remember. Elmo fetches Snuffy, who reminds him of all their good times, but Big Bird fails to remember him, but plays with him anyway. He then gets the Count, who offers his solution - counting, as he express what it can do through song. Elmo and the Count then rummage through his nest for something Elmo is sure will jog his memory - Radar. They pass it along to Big Bird, who gets his memory back. Everyone rejoices and sings the Sesame Street Theme.


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