Sesame Street
Plot Elmo rollerskates
Air date April 13, 1995
Season Season 26 (1994-1995)
Sponsors H, I, 0
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Elmo and Ruthie watch as Celina and the kids rollerblade around the block. Elmo wishes he could join, but he doesn't have a pair of rollerblades. Ruthie tells him if he counts backwards from 10 to 0, she'll give him a surprise. Celina and the others assist him in counting and when he reaches 0, Ruthie presents him with his own rollerblading gear!

SCENE 2 Elmo wants to rollerblade now, but first, everyone makes sure he's fully protected in case he falls down. They then bring him down to the sidewalk to start skating, but he can't seem to stand up in his skates.
Song "Elbows and Knees"
(EKA: Episode 2641)
SCENE 3 Celina and Ruthie assure Elmo that he'll be able to skate without falling if he just practices.
SCENE 4 Elmo attempts to skate all the way from Finders Keepers to the wall outside Big Bird's nest. As he skates down the sidewalk, he falls down 10 times (a count kept by his friends watching in horror from the opposite end of the street). Elmo concludes he may need some more practice.
Cartoon Three mayonnaise jars follow three different paths after they leave the factory.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2762)
SCENE 5 Now having practiced, Elmo tries skating down the street once more. As a voice (Kevin Clash) announces the sponsors, Elmo successfully makes it down the sidewalk without falling.

Known missing segments

Picture Segment Description
Cast "Between You and Me" (Gina and Savion)
(First: Episode 3133)
Cartoon A man illustrates 'between' in various situations throughout his work day.
(EKA: Episode 0894)
Celebrity Samuel Ramey sings a low-octave version of the alphabet song.
Animation Portraits of kids display the alphabet.
Artist: Lisa Crafts
(EKA: Episode 3203)
Song "Zero Song": A female voiceover sings about the food that keeps being taken away to make 0.
Arist: Jane Aaron
(First: Episode 3003)
Muppets After the previous segment, the offended "Ms. A. M. Goat" gives a disclaimer that not all goats eat sneakers -- she eats corn and grass, but not sneakers. Another goat enters to eat the sneakers on her desk, further irritating her.
(EKA: Episode 3354)
Cartoon With the help of his assistant, Dr. Geo shows the viewer what a mountain is.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 2772)
Song "Ja, Ja, That is the Mountain"
Artist: Jane Aaron
(First: Episode 2780)
Song Sesame Street Creature Feature: The Iguana
(EKA: Episode 3021)

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