Sesame Street
Plot The Prince and the Pig
Air date March 9, 1995
Season Season 26 (1994-1995)
Sponsors J, W

Elmo is approached by a Prince and a Pig, who need someone to write a story about them. Elmo can only write his name, so he dictates the story to Celina as she writes it. When she has to leave, she explains Elmo can continue the story using pictures instead of words.

In the story, the Prince and Pig attend Prince Camp, where they play tennis (though the pig is initially rejected for not being a prince) and watch a film about lizards (in Mystery Science Theater 3000-style). The duo are pleased with their story and thank Elmo as they head off. Soon after, a queen and a duck approach Elmo, also in need of a story.



  • The Prince and Pig would later appear in a season 29 episode, now in need of a journal written about them.

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