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Episode 3275

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Sesame Street
Plot Guntag Gelman-Jones' Flea Circus
Air date December 2, 1994
Season Season 26 (1994-1995)
Sponsors F, Y, 2

Guntag Gelman Jones

Guntag Gelman-Jones, a flea trainer, has brought his box of world-famous fleas to Sesame Street to perform. The acts include Olaf the Weight-Lifting Flea and Tatanya Flea on the tightrope. After their performance, Guntag takes the fleas (in their travelling case – a detailed shoebox that looks like a circus tent) to the Furry Arms Hotel so someone can watch them while he is away. Unfortunately Sherry Netherland knocks the box off of the front desk, and all of the fleas escape into the hair and fur of the hotel’s residents and workers.

Everyone tries to figure out a way to get the fleas back into their box, even though Benny knows exactly what to do. Miss Netherland recites a poem (that sounds very similar to “Trees”), but it doesn’t work. Humphrey and Ingrid try capturing the fleas with large butterfly nets, and end up destroying the hotel in the process. Finally, Benny asks Roxie Marie to help with one of her bug books. The book’s answer: yell “Hey, fleas! Get back in the box!” All of the fleas return to their home... until Miss Netherland knocks the box off again (just after Roxie leaves). No one can remember what to say.

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