Air Date July 2, 1993
Written by David A. Caplan & Brian LaPan
Director Tom Trbovich

Scenes from various episodes are interspersed with pitches by paleontologist Sir David Tushingham that try to lure customers into the glamorous, high-paying world of paleontology by getting them to buy the Famous Paleontologists' Home Study Course. In true informercial style, there's a deal-a-dinosaur wheel and comedic testimonials from satisfied customers. The episode serves as a sequel to the second season clip show, appropriately titled "The Clip Show."

Guest stars


  • Although the official run of the third season wrapped in early May (May 9th) on ABC, this clip show episode, which was produced with the third season, aired as a hold-over summer special in July 1993.
  • After this episode aired, it would be another 11-months until ABC would air new episodes.
  • Bill Barretta makes a cameo appearance as Nick, a "person just like you" in the infomercial. In reference to the character he plays (Earl Sinclair), he wears a red-and-black plaid shirt.

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