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Episode 321: A Dark and Stormy Night

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Fraggle Rock
Air Date May 20, 1985
Written by Sugith Varughese
Director Norman Campbell

Ma and Pa Gorg leave Junior alone in the castle overnight for the first time; he has to protect the crown jewel. Gobo thinks that all the Gorgs have left, so he plans to map the castle, with a frightened Wembley tagging along. The other Fraggles pull a prank to scare Gobo and Wembley by making ghostly sounds, after which they too enter the castle. After a series of incidents in which the Fraggles and Junior unwittingly scare each other, they all become aware of each other's presence in the castle. However, Gobo soon spots a mysterious moving shadow outside, and the frightened characters set a trap. They end up catching Pa Gorg, who has returned in the night to help Junior fulfill the Gorgish rites of passage.


  • This episode refers to events that occurred in the second season episode "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs." In that episode, Gobo discovered a new passage into the Gorg's castle.
  • In this episode, Doc builds a fake ghost detector just to make Sprocket feel safe. However, due to a short circuit the contraption's alarm is activated, scaring Sprocket even more. (It is unknown why Doc made the phony detector in such a way that it really could go off.)


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