Air Date February 12, 1993
Written by Mark Drop
Director Bruce Bilson

Deciding that girls date only jocks, Robbie decides to get "buff." Earl puts Robbie on an exercise program, but when that fails to bring the desired results, Robbie turns to eating Thornoids, insult-spewing creatures that instantaneously add lots of muscle and bulk to his frame. Impressed with his new physique, Robbie cops a new attitude, bullies his family and friends, and gets a date with his dream girl. Robbie learns his lesson after his date rejects his aggressive behavior and tells him she has always liked him the way he was before.

Guest Stars


  • Taped on November 2, 1992.
  • The title is a play on Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven, while also overtly signaling the anti-drug message of the episode. This would be the second substance abuse story on the series, following "A New Leaf" from the previous season.

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