Muppet Babies
Air Date December 20, 1986
Written by Sindy McKay and Larry Swerdlove
315 Of Mice and Muppets

The Babies are mouse-sitting Officer Carruthers's pet mouse, but when someone leaves the cage open, they leave the nursery to hunt for it and bring it back before Nanny finds out, as they are scared that Officer Carruthers will throw Nanny in jail. They search for the mouse inside the wall, where they imagine he is being held captive by a "Wall Wonker" intent on conquering Earth, and is using mice as slaves to run on a treadmill to provide electricity for his transformer towers. Baby Gonzo ends up captured by the Wall Wonker as well, until he is ordered to be released by the "#1 Wonk", which actually turns out to be Baby Kermit in disguise. However, the Babies' rescue of the mouse was only imaginary, and they realize they have no choice but to admit what they did. When the Babies own up to admitting to Nanny the mouse ran away, she is not upset, as Officer Carruthers had problems with the mouse running away too, and shows a way to find the mouse, by activating a toy squad car which the mouse runs out towards. Nanny ends the episode with a lesson that admitting one's mistakes is right to do.


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Bad Luck Bear Back to the Nursery

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