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Episode 312: The Son Also Rises

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Air Date January 8, 1993
Written by David A. Caplan & Brian LaPan
Director Tom Trbovich

The Clerk at the Office of Male Supremacy.

Fed up with Earl's continuous nagging, Robbie challenges him for the title of "Supreme Male" of the house. During their physical battle, Earl is caught off guard and Robbie emerges victorious. Robbie now assumes all the responsibilities that accompany his new position providing food and clothes for the family, maintain the house, pay the bills, etc. Earl, conversely, acts like a teenager since he has been relieved of his parental duties. When Robbie can't bear the pressure any longer, Fran steps in and forces Earl to become the head of the house again.

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  • Taped on October 20, 1992

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