Muppet Babies
Air Date November 29, 1986
Written by Jeffrey Scott
312 Fine Feathered Enemies

Nanny brings a talking pet parrot to the nursery for the Babies to play with, but whenever they aren't looking, the parrot says unpleasant things, causing them to turn against each other. At the end of the episode Officer Carruthers adopts Polly after the babies told Nanny he talks too much.



  • When Scooter and Skeeter get angry with each other and "divorce" each other from being siblings, they are told to become the siblings of two other people. They turn out to be two Skeksis from The Dark Crystal (SkekAyuk and SkekEkt), who flee from them. This shot was originally used in The Dark Crystal, when the two Skeksis scream in horror and run from Kira.

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Around the Nursery in 80 Days Muppet Goose

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