Muppet Babies
Air Date November 15, 1986
Written by Jeffrey Scott
310 Treasure Attic

The Babies explore the attic, pretending to be pirates looking for lost treasure. Seeing a bunch of clothes on an old manequin, the Babies imagine it must be Captain Pegleg. Captain Pegleg offers to help the Babies search for Nanny's treasure, but along the way they get separated and the Babies get captured by the Pirettes (girl pirates) who almost make them their slaves, but Baby Piggy tricks them into thinking they could go to Hollywood and the babies take the treasure chest and leave the ship. Back in the nursery, the Babies open the chest, but are disappointed that all they found was an envelope. However, Scooter, who has been taking an interest in philately, says the stamps on the envelope must be 50 years old and wants a better look., thinking they may be worth some money. As he does so, old black & white photographs fall out of the envelope. Nanny explains that the envelope contains her baby pictures.


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Scooter's Uncommon Cold Around the Nursery in 80 Days

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